Bôtan Distillery launches Espresso Martini through great collab

Bôtan Distillery launches Espresso Martini through great collab

We’re excited to release a new signature cocktail Bôtan Espresso Martini based on our floral blend Bôtan Signature Blend. Guess what, we’ve bottled a limited number of this cocktail to be enjoyed at this year's xmas or new years’ eve. 

No worries if you missed this, you can also make this cocktail yourself at home. Check out the recipe.

Collab between Bôtan Distillery x Atelier Paul Morel x Rush Rush Coffee Roastery

We were inspired to combine the floral notes of roses and bittersweet flavours of raw cocoa in our very limited Signature Blend in a creamy Espresso Martini cocktail. The result is a clean and complex version of a classic Espresso Martini. 

This limited batch cocktail is the result of an intense collaboration between Atelier Paul Morel, Rush Rush Coffee Roastery and Bôtan Distillery. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re amazingly blessed to (be able to) serve a deep-flavoured Espresso Martini experience which goes beyond the traditional recipe. 


Rush Rush Coffee Roastery

Simon and Nanigui dedicate their lives to their passion for coffee. They recently opened their own coffee roastery and café in Antwerp named Rush Rush. 

As with blending, roasting coffee is an art. Handling raw green coffee beans to capture the complete flavour palette. Only a few excel in the creation of exquisite flavours. 

At Rush Rush Coffee Roastery, they believe that every final batch should honor the original flavour profile of the coffee bean. Simon combines his knowledge and gut feeling, based on years of roasting experience to decide on the right rhythm and technique.

To create this Bôtan Espresso Martini we collaborated intensively. The journey of getting the precise balance between intense coffee flavour and complexity was intense. This resulted in a tailor-made cold brew recipe made from exclusive coffee beans originating from Costa Rica. The flavour palette combines lactic acids and strawberries which pair amazingly well with the floral flavours of our Signature Blend. 

The farmer belonged several times among the top three farmers in the coffee competition Cup of Excellence. This competition is dedicated to identifying the highest quality coffees produced. Thanks to his sole focus on quality, Rush Rush Coffee Roastery had the opportunity to roast these pristine beans. 

Simon and Nanigui are real coffee geeks. In the process of serving the perfect cup of specialty coffee, water is a main ingredient. At Rush Rush Café, an unique water installation ensures the purest water possible for the perfect cup of coffee. That’s why the tailor-made cold brew recipe reflects the exact flavour profile of the exclusive coffee beans. 


Bôtan Signature Blend

Bôtan Signature Blend is our most scarce blend. In August 2020, we’ve harvested and distilled Damask roses grown in our terroir. The pure botanical distillate had a floral taste and a silk mouth feeling. We combined the pure distillate of roses with raw cocoa beans. And, were stunned about the individual flavour notes colliding into a higher and almost incomprehensible flavour experience. That’s why we’ll definitely grow more roses next year to offer a second version of this limited batch, for you. 

Bôtan Signature Blend welcomes raw cocoa, followed by lime fruits, Damask roses, roasted almond nuts. Cherry blossoms and white tea settle on the palette. The combination of the sour flavours of cocoa beans and lime fruits, together with floral notes, result in an insane delicate blend to be paired with coffee-based cocktails. 

About the Bôtan Espresso Martini cocktail

To create this Espresso Martini cocktail, we started from the floral, bittersweet and lactic flavour notes of Bôtan Signature Blend. Combined with intense cold brew by Rush Rush Coffee Roasters, Paul Morel created a Bôtan Espresso Martini which goes far beyond category. 

To intensify this high-end cocktail, Paul Morel reduced our Signature Blend and tailor-made cold brew coffee with espresso beans. It's a play of seconds to stop the process of reduction to get the balance between an intense taste of coffee, sour and sweet flavours and the essential milky mouth feeling. 

Fancy making this cocktail at home yourself?
Check out the recipe. Enjoy it!



  • ABV: 0,0% (Why adding alcohol as it kills all living plant molecules?)
  • Tasting notes: coffee, roses, cocoa, supported by the perfect balance between lactic acids and round sweetness. 
  • Recommended serve: Shake with ice & double strain
  • Occasion: after-dinner
  • Shelf life: Consume within 7 days and keep refrigerated
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