Henry Quatre

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Henry Quatre is a complex light red Wyne sourced from Belgium. This Botanical Wyne is made by Bôtan Distillery from 14 distilled herbs including cassis, juniper assembled with wine peach. A complex and fruity style with soft tannins where in the nose you can recognise wild red fruit, as well as juniper and wild forest flowers together with a slight spiciness. On the palate, you can expect complexity, detect flavours such as cocoa and buttery notes. The presence of acidity is also nicely recognisable here.


Bôtan Juniper Garden®️ [water, natural botanical distillates*], natural mono distillates*: blueberry, cassis, thyme, water, cherry
juice* (NFC), pear juice* (NFC), apple juice* (NFC), verjus*
  • Shelf life: 2 years unopened
  • After opening: Consume within 14 days and keep refrigerated
  • SHAKE before USE
  • 1 bottle holds 6 to 7 serves
  • Cultivated, distilled and blended by Bôtan Distillery
  • 0,00% ABV
  • No alcohol · No E-numbers · No Citric Acid · No Potassium Sorbate · No added sugars · No concentrates · No artificial sweeteners · No chemical flavour aromas · No Extracts of herbs / fruits · No preservatives · no Gluten · no vitamine c aka ascorbic acid · no additives · no color agents · no emulgators · no stabilizers

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Henry Quatre

Wild red fruits — cranberries — cassis — juniper berries

Henry Quatre

Our Bôtanical Wyne isn't crafted to mimic traditional wine; instead, it celebrates nuanced palates and effortless food pairings. Upholding heritage, craftsmanship, and authenticity.

Our Wyne mirrors traditional wine's key principles. Intricate flavors are derived from distilled herbs, spices and a plethora of fruits. Unlike industrially de-alcoholized beverages, our Bôtanical Wyne is a labor of love from start to finish.

The Perfect Serve

Nose: Floral wild forest flowers. Slightly spicy in the nose.

Mouth: Velvet, rich, complex, subtle tannins & long acids.
Cocoa & wine peach on the palate, butter scotch.
Long aftertaste with buttery notes.

Notions: Peruvian bitter chocolate, rosehip, pecan, currants.

Food Pairing

Soft, refined, complex dishes
White truffle
Sea urchin, oyster
Sun root, chicory, white beans
Light meat dishes, roe
Organ meats, liver
Langoustines, scallops
Refined patisserie, chocolate desserts

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