RECIPE: Wild Sea Bass 'en Croute' Truffle & Beurre Blanc by SALTO

RECIPE: Wild Sea Bass 'en Croute' Truffle & Beurre Blanc by SALTO

Salto is an approachable bistro based on the French cuisine. It prioritizes the best ingredients from top suppliers and growers, all while respecting the products, the environment, and the seasons. Salto offers contemporary, flavorful dishes that they enjoy pairing with our Bôtan beverages. 

We are happy to share their tasteful and visually appealing sea bass recipe, for which we recommend our La Cuvée Folie as the accompanying drink.

Ingredients (2p)

  • 1 wild (line caught) sea bass of 1kg+
  • 4 chicory leaves EE
  • 20g fresh winter truffle
  • 1 sheet of fresh puff pastry (50x30)
  • 2 egg
  • thyme
  • shallot
  • butter
  • chardonnay vinegar
  • white wine or lager
  • full cream


  1. Fillet the sea bass, keeping head bone and tail for a fish fumet. Skin and bone the flets and parry each filet into a nice rectangle, keeping the parures for the farce. Keep cold.

  2. Mix 125g of the parures with 50g whipping cream and 1 egg to a smooth mousse. Season with salt and pepper and chopped truffle. Store in a poche in the frig.

  3. Place both fillets skin-side down open on a board and season lightly with white pepper and sea salt, top each fillet generously with slices of winter truffle. Pipe a good layer of the farce on 1 fillet and spread evenly with a spatula, place the other fillet with truffle side on top, press lightly, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and let stand for at least one hour in the refrigerator. Stiffen in the fridge.

  4. Now take a sheet of fresh puff pastry measuring 50 by 30 cm, lightly flour, fold in half and cut on the fold evenly into two equal sheets of 25 by 30, turn with the floured side down. Brush both sheets with beaten egg and place the stuffed fish packet on 1 sheet (place additional truffle slices on top if desired) Place the other sheet on top and press the edges well.

  5. With a sharp knife, make a fish shape out of the rectangle of puff pastry (be sure to press the edges firmly) and draw fins and scales.

  6. Brush the whole fish again with beaten egg and let it rest back in the fridge for a while. Heat the oven to 220 degrees, bake the fish for 10' until golden brown and crispy.

  7. Peel the outer leaves of the chicory stalks, cut them finely and stew with a chopped shallot in a little butter. Deglaze with chardonnay vinegar, white wine (or lager!) and fish stock.

  8. Strainer and blend with lumps of cold butter to a nice homogeneous smooth beurre blanc sauce.

  9. Cook the chicory vacuum with pezo, beurre noisette, lemon juice and thyme during 30' at 90°C, color before serving briefly in the oven at 220°C.

  10. Portion the fish and serve with the beurre blanc sauce. Serve with a celeriac stew with parsley.
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